A6 Progress Postcard
Hand holding up a  yellow postcard in front of a colourful background filled with arts and a houseplant. The postcard features a print on a yellow background with white flowers and orange text that reads "You are doing great". Another copy of the postcard held behind it shows the back side which has a different design.
A6 Progress Postcard
Revisit your postcard at a later date to see the progress you made since your last entry! You can now fill out the next column with your new occasion/milestone; for example, if you completed the first entry on your birthday, do it again the following year and look back on the happy things that happened!
Fill up your progress postcard with your own personal milestones for a special keepsake!
Frame or display your postcard's motivational message til your next entry!
Each postcard measures 148mm x 105mm (approx 4.1" x 5.8") and is printed on 350gsm 100% recycled card
All orders are packaged plastic-free with a compostable mailer!
All designs are original artworks created in-studio by Elizabeth. Support a small business today!

A6 Progress Postcard

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Do you find yourself constantly comparing your achievements to others? We live in a world where it's so easy to measure yourself up against the highlights of someone else's life. The progress postcard was designed to help you combat this by measuring only against YOURSELF. Where you were last week, last year, last time you decided to celebrate YOU.

To use, pick a special moment in time to complete your first entry. This could be a birthday, special event like a graduation or career milestone, or simply just a day where you decided to look after yourself. Write down where you are in that moment in time, and pick three things to be grateful for that you have achieved.

You can then revisit your postcard to complete your next entry whenever you like. If you first entry was on your birthday, the following year is a perfect time to come back to it! You can look back on your memories and add to your list of achievements, in a safe space where you are only celebrating and comparing YOURSELF. Keep this up until you have completed your third entry, and you have a beautiful keepsake to look back on!

Frame or display your beautiful progress postcard in between entries, or when it's complete, to show off the motivational message that reads "You are doing great"! You could even start a collection with a set of postcards that could last you for years and be passed down, the options are endless. Just, no matter how you use it, remember that the only person you should be measured up against is yourself!

Each postcard measures 148mm x 105mm (approx 4.1" x 5.8"), is printed on 350gsm 100% recycled card and is shipped plastic-free by being wrapped in tissue paper.

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