Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $20 AUD!
Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $20 AUD!
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Going Green

Hello there! Likely you may have clicked on this page while exploring our store, because you want to be more informed on the brands you purchase from, their practices and their impact on the earth. Thank you for taking a great step towards being an ethical consumer. If you've just stumbled on this page by accident because you were having a nosey, maybe you could learn something fun!


Being a small business that creates products and shares them with the world can sometimes have its challenges when it comes balancing sales and sustainability. But we want to be as honest as possible with our customers, and if you ever have any feedback or ways you think we could improve, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Where possible, our products are printed on recycled stock and we avoid print finishes such as gold foil or laminate that would get in the way of our products eventually being recycled again. All of our orders are wrapped up in tissue paper, popped in a cardboard box, and your package is kept protected from the elements in a lovely compostable mailer. If you want to do a bit more digging on "just how compostable is this mailer?", you can find more info on Better Packaging Co's website!


We also try to stay away from tape wherever possible; your tissue paper is sealed with a cute paper sticker and twine, plus when you purchase gift wrap in our store, it's some brown kraft paper!


Now, this doesn't mean that we're perfect, and there are still steps we'd like to take, but we can only have the means to improve if our business grows too. So, if you appreciate what we're doing already, please support Tilly & Type whether that's with a purchase, a review, a nice comment or even just showing your pal or mum how cute our stationery is!