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Image of a cute and colourful desk decorated with a collage mood board, plants and a cosy blanket. Items such as a teapot and cup, stationery and a lunchbox are on the desktop.

In a world where self care can often be single-use sheet masks and yummy snacks in plastic packaging, it can sometimes feel hard to look after yourself as well as Mother Earth. That's why I've put together a little list of ways to show yourself some love without compromising the environment! (Please note that none of the links here are affiliate links in any way, I'm choosing to share products and brands which I personally support.)

1. Swap those teabags for loose leaf

I absolutely love my tea and cannot have a proper cosy moment without a nice cuppa in my hand. But did you know most tea bags contain plastic? I learned this a while ago and it gave me the little kick I finally needed to switch to loose leaf. It can take a little longer to make, but why not take that as an opportunity for a few mindful minutes while your tea is brewing?

If you're looking for your loose leaf tea totally naked (i.e. sans packaging), you can check your local bulk food store for whichever blends they stock! Otherwise, Flora & Fauna stock a lovely loose leaf English Breakfast totally in biodegradable packaging.

2. Choose a soy-wax candle

There's nothing more hyggeligt than a candle making your room smell delicious, but do try to avoid candles that are made of only petroleum wax, synthetic scents and preservatives if you can, for your own health benefits as well as the environment. These beautiful vegan soy candles from Self Care Co.  would be the perfect choice, made from a sustainable and renewal resource, plus soy candles usually burn twice as long, so you're getting more candle for your cash!

Image of a cute and colourful desk decorated with a collage mood board, plants and a cosy blanket. Items such as a teapot and cup, stationery and a lunchbox are on the desktop.

3. Take up journalling

Now, I'm not saying you need to do a daily "dear diary", but I find there's something very soothing about taking quiet time to decorate my journal with a little washi tape or some cute stickers. Whether you're keeping a small list of things you're grateful for or going the extra mile to create a bullet journal full of future logs and monthly layouts, going back to old-fashioned pen and paper is really calming. When choosing your stationery of choice, think about what happens to your notebook after it's used up; try to avoid if you can anything with laminate or foil that won't break down well, and bonus points if your journal is printed on recycled paper.

4. Make your own yummy snacks

Sometimes when you're in a funk it's very tempting (and easy!) to reach for a packet of crisps or delve into your stash of chocolate bars. If you're feeling up for it, consider making your own snacks at home like these delish-looking peanut butter energy bites to forgo any foil wrapping or crumbs in the bed. These bites can even be frozen so when you're a bit perkier, you can make a heap ahead of time saved for those rainy days.

5. Have a hot soak

If you're lucky enough to own a bathtub (curse small apartment living!) then make the most of your soaking abilities to have a luxurious bath. Instead of purchasing bath bombs shrink-wrapped in plastic, maybe do a little DIY magic for your own bath salts; you also get to pick which essential oils you want to use here if you have a favourite scent.


I hope this little list inspired you to take some time for yourself!

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