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A self care package can be an essential to reach for when you're feeling emotional and lost. There are a lot of recommendations out there which include things like bath bombs, chocolate and new pyjamas; these things can be totally fine if that's what you need, but I know personally sometimes my anxiety can be at a point where some things are just indulgences or distractions that don't actually help me to get out of my head.

Today, I've brought together some products which I believe to honestly help when you are in that emotional place. I hope these can inspire you if you're creating your own self care package, whether that be for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.


Self Care Check-In Notepad

Yes, I'm starting this off with my own product! Friends, the reason that I sell the self care notepad is because I personally use it and see the benefits. I created it for myself and wanted to share that with others because it truly is a tool that I reach for again and again.

The way the notepad works is it starts off with a technique called Grounding. It means checking in with your five senses, bringing yourself back to the present and away from your thoughts. So you write down what you can feel, see, hear, smell and taste; if you don't have anything for one of the senses, then that can be a prompt to take an action (such as light a candle or make a hot drink).

The next section can be used either for acknowledging and feeling proud of what you have done, or planning what you will do as a next step. You start off with ticking off "Today I checked in with myself", then add whatever you need to next. That could be "I acknowledged my feelings", "I will take time for myself", etc. Finally, you have a check of your water intake, because we always need to stay hydrated (especially if you've been crying).


There is no shame in taking medication. Let me say that again; there is no shame in taking medication. If you find yourself in a low mental state, please make sure you have taken any medication you need to (that includes things like supplements and vitamins too, take care of yourself physically also). Make it a bit more of a positive experience if you like by keeping your medication in a cute box like this adorable one I recently saw by Stableish!

The Happy Newspaper

I have several issues of The Happy Newspaper stashed away for when I need to pull them out and read some positive stories. You don't have to read the entire thing every time, and if you're making a small self care package for someone else, why not cut a few of the articles out? All of the happiness inside helps to inspire and remind you that not everything is bad in the world; it can be just what you need if you're feeling a bit hopeless.


Essential Oils

Depending on your preferences, different essential oil scents can have different benefits. Lavender is said to help soothe anxiety and stress, so that would be my pick! Whether you include a whole bottle or maybe just add a few drops to the package for a lovely scent when you open it up, essential oils can be a perfect addition to your self care kit. If you're conscious about the environment, go for something organic, vegan and in recyclable packaging like the oils available from Satori!


Something Personal

The last bit of the package is up to you, but I recommend including a personal item; something nostalgic maybe, with happy memories. It could be a letter or love note from your partner, a childhood photo, a little souvenir from that holiday you went on with your friends; whatever you need to remind yourself that other people are around you and care about you so much.

I hope you have fun creating your self care package and it can be truly be a useful tool for you to reach for in emotional times! Stay strong, and remember that you are not alone in this.


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