My Small Business Christmas List

It's that time of year already where many of us are starting to look at our Christmas lists and figure out who to buy for. This can start to feel overwhelming if you're not sure where to start, and especially so if, like me, you're trying to shop a little more consciously this year.

Luckily, year-round I have my eye out for small businesses that I've fallen in love with and want to support! So today's list is entirely made up of indie makers from around the world who put so much passion and hard work into their products; I hope this helps you with your Christmas shopping and helps you rest easy knowing your purchases are supporting small businesses this holiday season! (As always, none of the links here are affiliate links in any way, I'm choosing to share products and brands which I personally support!)


Top left: Emma Warren

Not only are her designs amazing, but Emma is a total sweetheart! I already own two items from her collection, and if you're looking for a fab festive top or sweater to wear this year, she has you covered.

Top right: Thimble & Bobbin

How stunning are these embroidered hats, and there are even socks and the sweetest berets available too! Plus Lauren has some fab hankies, pins, wall hoops; the talent is endless.

Bottom left: Lint and Thread

So at this point you can tell I have a thing for embroidery. But honestly, these designs are so amazing and detailed, featuring two of my favourite things (plants and cute animals!).

Bottom right: Inner Peach

No words needed really when this amazing sweater says it all, but Inner Peach creates the cutest items with positive affirmations that you can share with all of the people you pass on the street.



Top left: The Seasonal Ceramicist

I was lucky enough to meet Emma in person at a market recently and drool over her gorgeous work! I'm especially enamoured with these plates and her adorable candles.

Top right: BluBeau

I was pretty much obsessed with the little ceramic doggies that Liz Janson makes as soon as I saw them. She has a whole range of amazing products like trinket dishes, ring holders, and even some jewellery too!

Bottom left: Calhoun and Co

My love for this NY based biz is real, because I also own the blanket in the photo! It's so huge and soft, plus I knew I had to have it to proudly announce my love of napping on our sofa.

Bottom right: Song of Oya

If you're a lover of scented candles like I am, you'll adore these gorgeous soy candles from Song of Oya; I'm currently eyeing up the limited edition Gingerbread scented one!



Top left: Blush Daisy

Fair warning, you will need fast fingers to nab something during one of the shop updates at Blush Daisy due to how insanely popular these retro earrings are, but if you manage it you do get to wear your prize for all to see!

Top right: Her Name is Mud

It was so hard to pick just one image here because Krista is constantly creating so many different and amazing designs to decorate yourself with. Her process and the way she shares how she picks each shape and colour is truly inspiring, what an artist!

Bottom left: Lizzy's Studio

Take your floral obsession further with these delicate and beautiful creations featuring real flowers; you can even get your wedding bouquets and keepsakes captured in glass to wear forever.

Bottom right: Colours and Honey

If you're looking to make a bit of a statement, say no more. With holographic jellyfish, neon flowers and glittery shells, you can look a million bucks and dazzle everyone with these earrings!


For kids (and kids at heart)

Top left: Loomshakalaka

Forget kids, I would love some of these adorable pillows for myself! Loomshakalaka makes the most wonderful textile characters to decorate your home, ideal for a playroom or nursery.

Top right: The Forest Mori

Due to pointy parts maybe best for the older children, but who wouldn't love dressing up with the cutest pins from The Forest Mori?

Bottom left: Dr Zigs

Gone are the days of balloons at parties, when you can celebrate in (eco) style with these giant bubble kits by Dr Zigs!

Bottom right: Coucou Illustration

As one of my favourite artists, I had to include Cécile when I found out a children's book she had illustrated was recently released in English! "The prickly little pine tree" tells a sweet story adapted from a legend about an owl family in the forest.


For creatives

Top left: Adam J. Kurtz

I own a copy of Things Are What You Make of Them, a colourful little collection of handwritten advice by the amazing Adam. This is ideal as a gift to your favourite creative, especially if it's for yourself!

Top right: Lily Adelaide Upton

Spark your creativity and try something new with these embroidery kits; I can personally guarantee they're great for beginners because I've made one myself! The instructions are super easy to follow, and a bit of time relaxing on the sofa with needle and thread is a lovely rest.

Bottom left: Rive Love Watercolours

That's right, create your own stunning watercolour set for the ultimate artistic experience, there's also a sweet ceramic palette and tools case available!

Bottom right: Tilly & Type

I couldn't end this Christmas list without including something of my own, being a small business too! This sweet handmade sketchbook would be a perfect gift for the creative in your life.


So that's the list! I really hope enjoyed reading and discovering all of these amazing makers across the world, and I hope it's made your Christmas shopping a little easier (unless you're now spoilt for choice, in which case, my bad!!).


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