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Hello again! Tilly & Type creator Elizabeth waves at the camera from inside the new Canberra studio.

Hello friends, how I've missed you! How were your holidays, have you spent some time relaxing? Over the past month, Tilly & Type was closed for our move from Perth to Canberra, and I'm so glad we're finally settled in our new home. It's been an adventure of living out of a suitcase in a hotel, running between apartment viewings and lots of packing/unpacking, but we did it!


Canberra is looking to be an amazing new step for Tilly & Type; we have a new little studio setup (soon to be filled with more plants!), lots of ideas for products in 2019, and with a new part-time day job I will have more days in the week to dedicate to growing my little business. I can't wait to show more of "behind-the-scenes" to you all and get to know our followers.


As you can also see, we've set up a gorgeous new website, with another online store! Our Etsy store will still be open with all of our regular products, but our website will stock extra special goodies too like unique, one-of-a-kind items, and maybe in the near future personalised products too! There's also a fancy blog where I can get out my thoughts a little more than you can in Instagram captions and stories, so I hope to share a lot with you. If you have any questions, anything you're interested in seeing from Tilly & Type, please do let me know!


I hope you enjoyed reading, take care of yourself today!

Love, Beth

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