Finding the Sunshine in Winter

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A woman wearing a fluffy grey dressing gown with the hood pulled up; the hood has little bear ears! She frowns and looks away from the camera, thinking.

So today is apparently the Winter Solstice for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, and I am feeling it! It's so chilly in Canberra that most mornings we're waking up to frost and I've discovered a new-found love for my hot water bottle.

With this weather also comes a change in our behaviour. The "Winter Blues" are a very real thing, and when it's miserable and grey outside, the temptation to just hibernate and never leave the house is hard to fight! But you still need to take care of yourself, and I hope some of these tips will help you to find the sunshine in winter, find a little bit of happiness when it's dark and gloomy.


Get out into nature

Okay, I know! You don't want to leave the house right now. But especially for those of us who may work 9-5 office jobs, the depths of winter can mean going to work in the dark, and coming home after the sun has already set again. Whenever you get the chance, try to get outside even for a little bit, whether that's a weekend excursion, or just a little walk around the block on your weekday lunch break. See the sky when the sun is actually up and breathe in that fresh air, just be sure to rug up before you step out!


Stay sociable

It always seems to be much easier to be a social butterfly in summer when getting together with friends can be a picnic outside, a nice brunch, an evening for drinks. But you can still enjoy quality time with your pals in winter, just bring it indoors! Why not host a small craft night with snacks, or have your friends over for a home cooked meal and some mulled wine? Summer might be the time for going out and having fun, but winter can be when you deepen your friendship over cosy chats by the fire (not to mention complaining about the cold with others is an easy way to bond!).


Find a new hobby

If you're spending more time indoors because the sky outside is grey and unappealing, you may be running out of things to occupy yourself. Picking up a new hobby can keep your mind engaged, and you can still say you did something on the weekend other than hid under a blanket all day. I recently tried embroidery for the first time, and also made pasta from scratch! Hobbies with an end result that you can show off can be great for feeling productive and accomplished.


Share the sunshine

When we're wrapped up inside with a mug of hot chocolate and season eight of our favourite Netflix show on the go, it can be easy for your entire world to become the cosy nest you've created. But winter can also be a little isolating in that way, so make sure to reach out to your loved ones to check on them. Some people may feel lonely and unhappy during the colder seasons, but knowing others care and are thinking about them can make such a difference. Give your pals a phone call, send them a care package and brighten their day.


I hope these tips warmed your heart a little! For those currently enjoying summer in the Northern Hemisphere (I envy you!), make sure to bookmark this post and come back to it when it's your turn for the colder days. Keep spreading that sunshine, and let us know what other tricks you have for beating the winter blues!


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  • Karina Hammer on

    Great reminder to give myself a little nudge when feeling resistant to doing something I know I should for my own good 💕 Thanks tillyandtype

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